Something has crept up on us over the past few years that is quite dangerous. It is solar storms. It's not that the sun has changed. It hasn't. What has happened is that we have changed.

Specifically, our electrical and electronic systems are becoming ever more sensitive to various solar energies that accompany solar flares and solar storms.

There has been significant concern about this problem in congress, but so far the Senate has blocked a bill that passed the House last year from becoming law.

As a result, the US power grid remains dangerously vulnerable to solar storms.
The power companies don't want to harden their systems against solar energy without a federal mandate. They need standards and requirements. If they make changes outside of a mandate, they are exposed to legal liability, so a federal mandate is essential.

The changes needed are not expensive or difficult to make, and other developed countries that depend absolutely on power grids for their survival are making these changes. For example, the UK and the EU are largely protected. Canada is largely protected.

In fact, among large developed countries, only the United States and China lag behind in effective grounding protection of their power grids.

I have written an ebook for Tarcher Penguin that goes into all of the details of this problem, including an explanation of why it has become a problem, how to solve it, and the remarkable history of Earth's relationship with the sun.

It also contains a letter that you can send to your senators and representatives, to indicate your concern about this problem.

The ebook is on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and all other readers. It's $3.99.

Whether you get it or not, please do write your representatives, saying that you are concerned about the safety of the power grid, and that it must be protected from solar storms.

If the grid were to be brought down by a solar storm, it could take ten years to repair it. Studies have shown that, in just the first few weeks, we would see over a hundred nuclear reactors melt down, and by the end of the ten years, over seventy percent of the US population would have died.

In other words, our country would be killed.

It is urgent that congress act, and that means US. So take action today.Solar Flares: What You Need to Know: A Special from Tarcher/Penguin
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Anton And you never mentioned the toll on our health either! I sure hope we're built for this upcoming change.

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