It's always a pleasure getting to ramble about the craft, with a fellow writer.

Check it out at his blog.

"I don’t know what it is, honestly. There’s a joy to sitting down and stringing sentences together that just does it for me. I technically graduated, and just this week had my day job upgraded to a full-time 'real job', but I’m going to keep writing, because it makes me happier than any other combinations of happy-making things I’ve found. Now that I’m really pushing for other people to read what I’ve been doing, I’m hoping I can spread some of that happy around.

I’ve been regularly publishing writing on my website for something like seven years. But my site was always very bare bones, no social media aspect, no interaction. It felt kind of like I was in a beat poet coffee bar, doing my thing on a stage, to a bunch of empty chairs.

The e-book thing is different in that now there very much is criticism, and interaction- including interviews. I love it. I want to know how people feel about what I’ve put so much time and myself into. And I hope they enjoy what I do. There’s very little more gratifying, honestly. But not everything I write will be for every person. I hope that by marketing myself in an honest way, I can help people find things of mine they might enjoy, and avoid things that they won’t."

There's a full summary of my upcoming novels at the link, and I'll share that stuff here, later this week, too.
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