The brain is an amazing organ, powered by electricity and magic. I generally have a plan when I do things, whether it's writing, or going to the shops. I like plans, they help everything make sense. And yet, when it comes to writing, the oddest occurrence seen from the corner can inspire a cascade of ideas that leads to taking a story in a direction I hadn't previously thought of.

By the time I'd finished my third novel, the final product deviated from the sketched-out plan considerably. The story always benefits from this arcane process, of course - it's not like I'm coming up with worse ideas and deciding to put those in - but it does astonish me when it happens.

I don't really get writers block, ever. By that I mean that I'm never sitting at the keyboard struggling to form words, but are otherwise feeling fine. When I can't write, it's because I'm generally wiped out, and can't accomplish much of anything. During these times, I'll try to hammer out something, just to keep it moving forward, but when the ol' brain starts firing again, I come back at it with a vengeance, rewriting an entire scene with much more depth and insight than before, all thanks to that part of the mind that we don't have much control over. Thank you, subconscious!
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Published on December 12, 2012 21:28 • 135 views • Tags: aielund, ideas
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message 1: by John (new)

John Carroll The stories are fun when they switch directions. :)

I look forward to more posts.

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