Charmeine walked down the hall, out the door of their wing to the front entry staircase landing.
Thomas was walking across the Entrance Hall.
As she walked down the stairs, she asked quietly, “Thomas can you point me in the right direction?  I get confused because the castle is so big.”
“That is completely understandable.  This castle was built millennia ago.  Each wing was built separately, as additions.  So, I can understand where it is hard to navigate.  I will be happy to escort you Ma’am,” he said with a smile.
She shook her head, smiled and said, “Thank you, but that’s not necessary, just give me directions.  Also, please call me Charmeine.”
Thomas said, “Yes, well, everyone is gathered on the Main Terrace.  Go left through the Formal Reception Hall, past the Ballroom.  It is actually the terrace for the Ballroom.  You cannot miss it.”
“Thank you Thomas, I appreciate your kindness to me and my family.  Tabbruis and I were honored when you Officiated our wedding.  I’m deeply touched and truly thankful.  Please come join us for breakfast?”
Thomas genuinely smiled wide, bowed and said, “Thank you Ma’am… um, Charmeine.”
She nodded, winked at him, and said, “See you soon.”

Alexander I of Russia

Charmeine went into the Formal Reception Hall.
However, Charmeine was bowled over when she saw the rich décor of the hall.
It was chucked full of antiques and gold-guild paneling which represented something of a Russian influence.  She walked quietly turning her head up inspecting a painting of Czar Alexander I of Russia.  She muttered, “One of the best Czars Russia ever had.”
Her head went up.
When Charmeine saw the ceiling, her heart began to flutter.
The ceiling had been painted with a mural of God casting Lucifer out of Heaven in the style of the famous illustrator Gustave Dore

This artwork is in the public domain

 However, the mural was in color.  The painting rocked Charmeine to her very core.  She began to shiver, shake and became nauseous.  She reached to get to a chair and sit down because her leg were about to give out on her.
Suddenly, flashes of light rushed before her eyes…
As in a dream, she could see mist and clouds before her.  In dreamy far off voices, Charmeine could hear screaming and a command being given…
“Bring down the gate…”  People were rushing past, knocking her from side to side.  She could hear her own screams, shouting, and a baby crying.  Charmeine instinctively grabbed her arms as if the baby was in them.  Flashes of fire were raining down all around her.  Charmeine could hear herself yelling, “NO!  Do not close the gate!  He is not here!”  She saw her put down the child in her arms to run to the Gatekeeper.  She was begging him, “Open the Gate! My husband is not here!  Tabbruis!  He is not here.  NO!  PLEASE OPEN THE GATE!” 
Then in a flash, the vision fizzled, and she was left shuddering and shaking.   She put her hands over her face and started to cry.  Charmeine bent down holding her head.
She rocked herself gently back and forth.
Charmeine felt a stabbing pain go through her like a knife.  She murmured, “He is not here…  Tabbruis not here….  Oh God, he wasn’t there…” 
Suddenly, she stopped crying.  For some reason, Charmeine had no more tears to cry.

Andrei Andrei image content-3332 Wikipedia public domain.

“He was not with you then, but he is with you now child…”   Over by the window, she saw the elusive, Dmitri.  He was extremely tall, dark and stately with a physique like Tabbruis.
Charmeine straightened herself up still trembling.  She said, “I don’t know what just happened.”
Dmitri lifted his eyebrows and inquired with a thick accent, “Really?  Yes…”  Then he came to her and held her chin looking in her eyes and said, “Oh my… but I believe Charmeine, you know.  You know.”
Dmitri walked to the Ball Room door, and said with a knowing grin, “Come child, your family awaits you.”  With that, he left.
Charmeine threw back her hair and slowly got up out of the chair.  She went over to the mirror on the wall by the door, and noticed that she was pale as a ghost.
Determined not to great her family in such a state, she straightened her shoulders and pinched her cheeks into color.  She took a big breath and went through the Ball Room.
At the end, she saw huge door opening to the sun-drenched porch.  It almost looked like a portal to Heaven because it was bright, and she was still in the dark… literally.
She whispered as she wiped her tears, “How many Angels can you stick on the head of a pin…”  As Charmeine approached the door, her eyes became blinded by the light.


When the Day of Judgment dawns,
people, great and small, will arrive.  
The Almighty see…
Finish the statement and live the dream!
I Love, Love, LOVE… this song!!!  I can’t tell you how much.  
I really hope you can see it.  
If not, take the time and youtube it, you won’t regret it!



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