The woman across the table exclaimed, "Wow. Now THERE's a great idea for a book."
And she's right. It was. Just not for me. Someone, somewhere, sometime ought to write that book. But I won't. It's just not for me.
But it made me start thinking about ideas for books.
Many years ago, I told my older brother something my then-publisher had said: After your fifth book, you can support yourself with your writing.
My brother, dripping sarcasm, said, "Well, Molleen do you really think you have five books IN you?"
Hell yeah. And then there are all the ones OUT of me. Ideas bumping up against each other constantly.
Something I saw or heard (or overheard) (eavesdropping is GREAT for picking up ideas) or read or misread or dreamt.
Ideas are everywhere. Getting ideas isn't the problem. Not at all.
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Published on November 30, 2012 16:41 • 124 views
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Bethanyoursocalledlife No, the problem definitely is not coming up with ideas. The challenge is in the implementation. (And possibly an issue of courage, for some of us...)

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Molleen Zwiker Absolutely, Bethany! And conviction. And commitment. To what fleeting thought are we willing to commit hundreds of hours of solitary work with no certainty that anyone will ever read one word of it, will understand what we are trying to say, will pay us one penny? Courage, my friend!

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