Something in my life is finally working. I am a very emotional person and I get very emotional about my writing – I have always been a strange egg. My entire life adults and children alike have commented that I was strange to my face when I was young - and now that I am old, to my back.
I tried dabbling at painting and I used to bead a lot – in fact I made beautiful art jewellery that no one bought. I have studied naturopathy for many years – after many road blocks. I have worked in retail since I was 18. Let’s just say I am not a natural at it, though I am good at my job. I do not want to be doing it forever.
So really I wasn’t a good fit anywhere.
I thought maybe I was artistic like my grandfather who painted and carved wood into foe artefacts. In fact he did a good trade with tourists and perhaps my mother and I get our kinaesthetic entrepreneurial traits from him. She runs her own business and I make and sell goat milk and olive oil soaps and jojoba oil, though my writing takes up more and more time every month that goes by.
I believe others have struggled to understand me - here’s a tip don’t try. My best friends have given up. The rest just watch on confused. I understand myself well it’s a case of baby I was born this way to quote Lady Ga Ga. It’s more just been a case of accepting the things I cannot change.
For 30 years I searched high and low for my niche. Though I wasn’t able to be pigeon holed I find I can easily understand other people. I love to listen to artists and musicians and especially actors talk about their artistry. I love to listen to lyrics but I am not musical nor do I like to perform. I have an odd temperament, self indulgent, lazy, emotional and introverted and intelligent, but I will work like a crazed maniac for days on end if I want something. I am tenacious when required and I don’t give up. I wrote the words to my feelings always and I kept journals.
And when I couldn’t afford to pay for study and my college closed a couple of years ago. I found myself with time that I really wanted to be studying and finishing my diploma. So I started writing with a crazy idea and followed the dream in my head.
And I am glad I did. I am an artist.
As it turns out weirdos make fantastic writers.

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