This is going to be (more or less) the cover for the Crystal Fragments complete trilogy. It should be available in the week immediately after publication of Refracted Crystal, and will bring together all three volumes of the series for $5.99/£3.99.

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Published on November 28, 2012 09:25 • 281 views
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message 1: by Saunders (new)

Saunders another beautiful cover M J. the price for the trilogy is unbelievable. Such good value for money compared to some other trilogies I have read. I am looking forward to reading book 3 with so much anticipation.

best wishes


message 2: by M. J. (last edited Dec 02, 2012 08:58AM) (new)

M. J. Lawless Thank you very much - I've actually asked for a couple of changes (minor ones) and hope it will be up this week - as well as vol. 3 on before too long! It's available in the states but not uk - dang!

message 3: by Saunders (new)

Saunders Dang is not a word I want to use!!! We always seem to be the ones left behind in the UK. patience is a virtue and I know it will be worth the wait.

message 4: by M. J. (new)

M. J. Lawless Haha - well, you can buy it in France, Germany, Italy and even Japan (because I have a *huge* Japanese market), but not the UK which is the only amazon site where people discuss what I write!

*slaps hand to forehead. Staples it there...*

message 5: by Saunders (new)

Saunders Gosh would you believe it. that is so good to hear. Well there will be rumbles in the jungle is Amazon don't get a move on. there's a lot of feisty women on there. LoL

message 6: by M. J. (new)

M. J. Lawless i just posted on Amazon - I've worked out (I think) what has happened. I don't accept the default UK price (1.93) but do for all the other outlets. I've just changed this back to the default so hope it will appear shortly!

message 7: by Saunders (new)

Saunders thanks MJ. Sorry I don't want to appear to be a book stalker. it is just frustrating that Amazon treat their customers very differently depending what side of the ocean they live on. Thank you for all your help and I hope that we have not put you to a lot of trouble.

message 8: by M. J. (new)

M. J. Lawless Quite the opposite! It is immensely gratifying (more than I can possibly explain) to think that someone is waiting to read my next book [insert exclamation marks to infinity!!!]

message 9: by Saunders (new)

Saunders Enjoy Wallbanger. I would be interested to find out what you though of it.

thanks again for keeping us all informed and maybe.............tomorrow Amazon will have it on line. :)

message 10: by Saunders (new)

Saunders very happy "girl" book 3 downloaded, started reading and having an early night. :)

message 11: by M. J. (new)

M. J. Lawless And I hope that you enjoy it :)

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