Right after the plates from Thanksgiving dinner were loaded in the dishwasher my entire family abandoned me and went to the beach. Honestly, they needed to escape town and I was stuck, needing to work at the art studio and hoping to get in some quality writing time.

By Friday evening I had reached a standstill with my latest chapters. We were engaged in an epic staring contest that could only end one way... badly.

I decided to cut my losses and meet up with some friends for a drink. One drink turned to two turned to three and then someone got the bright idea to order shots. I think you know how this goes from here. I wound up sitting in a circle on the floor of a complete stranger's house engaged in a singalong consisting mostly of bad guitar riffs and Beatles songs since that was all we could agree on. Shortly after they launched into an electrifying rendition of Dust in the Wind I decided to call a cab to take me home.

When I woke up Saturday morning I had acquired a few things: a massive headache, a bunch of random outerwear (I was freezing and apparently some good samaritans on the street gave me their things, my favorite of which is a grey knitted hat with a large pompom on the top), and a bunch of new inspiration.

Life is serendipitous and sometimes the absolute best things that happen are unexpected and even a little weird. And I am so thankful to be friends with such clever and fun people.

My family is home now--slightly sunkissed and smelling deliciously of saltwater and the wind. And I am typing furiously, burning through that wall. Life is good.

I think this picture sums it up. This is me getting a kiss from my best friend's daughter at lunch. Does it get any better?[image error]

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Published on November 25, 2012 16:56 • 190 views
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