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I'm the apple that didn't fall far from the tree. I'm happy to announce the 25th Anniversary Edition of my father's bestselling historical novel: THE LAST NOBLEMAN.


On the eve of WWII, a young con artist is determined to reclaim his lost noble heritage and ingeniously worms his way into the aristocracy to become Count von Ludberg of the Kingdom of Moravia. He gains wealth, power, and the love of a mysteriously spiritual woman. But with great power comes great responsibility, and the count must risk all to save the kingdom from war. Will the nobility survive? Or is it the end of an era?

To read reviews and an excerpt, or to view the amazing book video, please visit:

Happy Reading!

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Published on November 02, 2012 16:30 • 179 views • Tags: b-d-benedict, new-release, the-last-nobleman

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