I got my first national review!

The Blue Kind.
Born, Kathryn (Author)

Nov 2012. 184 p. Northern Illinois Univ., paperback, $14.95. (9780875806822).
Allison and Cory live like feral hippies, squatting in an old theater and forever seeking the next high. But this is decidedly not the Woodstock milieu. Instead, first-novelist Born transports us to a sprawling city in a grimly dystopian world, in which various hierarchies of drug dealers, or Jacks, and the women, or chains, who serve as their flesh-and-blood collateral, are designated by the color of their clothing. Allison and Cory, who are inexplicably immortal and sick of being so, wear blue, and blue is the mood in this brooding, surreal, and sorrowful metaphysical fever dream. Born, an art journalist, uses altered states both ecstatic and horrifying, the shackles of addiction, and her characters’ hell-bent quest for IDeath, a new drug promising out-of-body experiences, to question our perceptions of self, freedom, and purpose. Irony, parody, and homage, including echoes of William Burroughs and of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, abound in this darkly fascinating, heart-rending mind-bender. By agilely combining a touch of literary fantasy and acute emotional realism, Born succeeds in creating a strikingly atmospheric, suspenseful, imaginative, and compassionate novel.
— Donna Seaman
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message 1: by Mitsy (new)

Mitsy Oh wow. Great review!

message 2: by Traci (new)

Traci Domergue Really good review. I wish the book was in my hands as we speak...lol!!!

message 3: by Srosch (new)

Srosch Thanks for the giveaway option also! Can't wait to pick it up eventually! :-)

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