Did you know that I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky? Here’s a new oil-painting I did, kind of a parodistic self-image riff, it’s called “Louisville Artist.” And the woman? Well, she might be my muse, or my wife, or a Japanese-Californian wetware engineer character from the next novel I hope to write.

And that’s me on the right of course. Shirt all untucked and with no fingers on my hands, I’m here to buttonhole you, urging you to buy a copy of my new novel Turing & Burroughs.

I’ve knocked the price of the ebook down to $3.95, and we’ve got paperback editions for less than $16 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Still unsure? I’ve got some background info on the book’s home page, including a Locus Online review by Paul De Filippo.

And you can browse the whole book as a web page!

I’m looking for readers here, minds to feed, souls to win. So I’ve even got a whole range of free downloadable Creative Commons licensed editions. Read the whole darn thing for free, if you want.

But it’d be nice if you’d buy a version.

The book’s a lot of gnarly fun.


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Published on October 21, 2012 19:44 • 42 views

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