[All images and artwork here are copyrighted to Wendy Ellertson.]
Yesterday, we enjoyed catching up in person with one of our favorite artists, Wendy Ellertson, who is showing this weekend in NYC (Javits Center) at The American Craft Show.

Wendy has brought many new creations to the show.  If you are in NYC today, Lobster & Canary recommends you head to the Javits and find Wendy's booth (# 233, on a corner!).

Each of her pieces comes with a story waiting for its new owner to continue.  Her creatures are shamanic, connecting us with cloud and stars above, and root and rock below.  When I look at  Wendy's people, I am reminded of the Prydain novels, of Earthsea, of Patricia McKillip's tales, of Moominvalley, of Brian Froud paintings and the puppets in Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

Best of all are the textures: the rawhide and worked leather, the feathers and fur, the bits of glass and glimmer.  Wendy's beings live and breathe, they have been caught in mid-stride, on the tip of launching into flight.  They are the visions of a seer, made real.

For more on Wendy, click here for her website and here for her blog.   Daniel A. Rabuzzi is author of the fantasy novel "The Choir Boats," available from ChiZine Publications in September 2009.
"The Choir Boats" explores issues of race, gender, sin, and salvation, and includes a mysterious letter, knuckledogs, carkodrillos, smilax root,
goat stew, and one very fierce golden cat.

(www.danielarabuzzi.com). Daniel blogs at Lobster & Canary about speculative fiction, poetry, history and the arts.[image error]
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