Six Sentence Sunday features Ripped, my first published m/m. Gavin and Erik have been best friends since pre-school, but Erik doesn't know Gavin quite as well as he thought. Gavin has a dark and sinful past, one Erik is just learning about. After a stunning admission, Gavin now waits for Erik to turn on him, like everyone else in his life.

Six Sentences from Ripped (Boys of Summer)

Gavin waited for Erik to leave. He pressed his cheek to the clammy tile on the wall, lukewarm water streaming down his face, his body, his legs, swirling down the drain.

But Erik slid over on the floor of the shower and wrapped his arms around Gavin’s shoulders, pulling him to his chest. “I’m so sorry, Gav. So, so sorry,” he whispered.

He shuddered, relieved.

Ripped is available at: The Wild Rose Press,Amazon,B&N

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Published on October 20, 2012 23:00 • 185 views • Tags: mia-downing, ripped, six-sentence-sunday

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