What’s so special about October 19 you may ask? Well, I’m going to tell you.

It’s 1984 and young me is working at Bradlees department store. I was a snack bar girl, yep, even had a hat and smock to wear. (At that point in time I could eat those hot pretzels, yum.)

I saw a new guy they hired. He was waiting for a ride, with his boots crossed (yes they were black bad-ass boots) with legs that seemed to go on forever and a black leather vest. He was blond and oh so good-looking. A bad boy to my sweet, innocent self.

My snack bar teammate, KC, saw me gazing in rapture and decided to do something about it (she’s like that). So she told him I was in love with him (gasp!) and got his name/number. I was too afraid to call him so I didn’t. The next day when I saw him he smiled and asked me why I hadn’t called. I was scared but found the courage to speak to him.

We made arrangements to meet at the local pool hall that Friday night. The date was October 19, 1984.

That’s when this guy and this girl went on their first date. And today, we’ve been married 22 years and have two sons. Yeah, October 19 was a special day.

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