I need title input. I've titled my contemporary panther shapeshifter novella Wild At Heart. I know this rather echoes the "Heart" books, but that's why I chose it. My other title, Cat Fancy, sounded like a cat food to my readers.

Soooo....Wild At Heart and more "Wild" titles (I'm thinking the next is Wild Streak).

Or cat names? Could be Big Cat Names. "The Tiger Will Get You" (only, right now the white tiger clan are villains...)

In any event, let me know what you like, and if there are any "Wild" titles you want to contribute (or Cat titles), I will give away a free electronic ARC of Wild At Heart for those that make the short list...(max of 5).

Many thanks!
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Published on October 11, 2012 12:51 • 166 views
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message 1: by Kris (new)

Kris I really like the idea of the Wild series. Wild Journey would be a cool title - but it depends on the storylines you are thinking of. Wild Lure is also an interesting title to me - it would tend to draw me in.

message 2: by Bungluna (new)

Bungluna I like the idea of "Wild" titles too. "Wild Surrender" may work.

I also like the idea of cat titles. How about "Wild Felines"? That mixes both ideas. Or "Shadow Cats".

message 3: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Wild: Link/Talent/Fancy/Shadows/Home/Touch/Time...

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Wild.... Wild Love, Wild Time, Wild Jungle. :-) love the idea.

message 5: by Amber (new)

Amber Wild Way Home

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