Quick Newsflash - I'm giving a webinar presentation tonite as a guest of the intl womens organization, Gr8 Women. I've been invited to speak about my writing and publishing journey, my tips on how to 'Unleash the Creative Fire Within' and find the courage to follow our dreams. It's free. It starts at 6pm (Australia Brisbane Time), 9pm (NZ), 10pm (Samoa) and sorry, but I dont know what time that is in America. Or Siberia. Or Hong Kong.

If you're like me - clueless - and you dont know what a webinar is, dont worry. I only learned two nights ago myself. Basically, its a meeting online where one person talks and presents a slideshow of pictures from their computer and everybody else at the meeting listens in and sees the pictures on THEIR computers. Kinda like a jam session online. Or gossip session....ahem ahem...

All you need is internet connection, a computer. If you dont want to listen to your kids screaming in the background, you can also use earphones etc.  Click on this link and it will let you register free and then it will tell you what to do.


Im excited about the possibilities of webinars. Im thinking if i can master it, then i can do presentations to classes of students all over the world who are interested in Telesa and Pacific stories in general....Or offer online sessions for other Pacific writers on HOW to publish an ebook. Stuff like that...the mind boggles!
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Published on October 10, 2012 23:03 • 91 views
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Sieni A.M. sounds great! not sure what time it'll be on here, but i'm very interested in learning about publishing an ebook.

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