Hatfields & McCoys star Sam Reid is in talks to play a rebellious prophet who becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation in writer-director David Barker's Australian thriller, The Second Coming.

Nate Parker joined Liam Neeson in the cast of the thriller Non-Stop, about a federal air marshal in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a terrorist who threatens to kill an airplane passenger every 20 minutes that the hero doesn’t kill himself.

Christian Bale has been added to a cast that includes Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adam for an as-yet-untitled drama. The project is based on a true story about a financial con artist and his mistress who
worked with a federal agent in order to nab other criminals.

The auction in celebration of 50 years of James Bond on film raised one million pounds ($1.6 million dollars U.S.) for charity.


CBS is developing a crime drama project from the Mentalist creator/executive producer that is centered on two young female detectives who are complete opposites. The working title is Murder Bitches, and although it's also the nickname given to the detectives by colleagues, I have a feeling the show's title may change if it gets picked up for a full season order. (Hat tip to Omnimystery News.)

The creative team behind Homeland have been busy; co-creators/executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa landed a pilot commitment from CBS based on the book The Anatomy Of Violence: The Biological Roots Of Crime by Adrian Raine, about a female FBI agent who starts working with a mysterious psychiatrist with whom she shares a past connection. Meanwhile, director/executive producer Michael Cuesta is teaming up with CSI executive producer/showrunner Carol Mendelsohn for Second Sight, a drama based on the 2000 British series starring Clive Owen.

As Omnimystery News reports, ABC has ordered Killer Women, a crime drama project based on the Argentine series Mujeres Asesinas, which in turn was adapted from the trilogy of thrillers by Marisa Grinstein. The original books include stories with each featuring a different female killer.

Martin Henderson (ABC's Off The Map) has signed on to star in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced NBC drama pilot The Secret Lives Of Husbands And Wives, described as thriller-dramatic soap about a murder and the secrets and lies within a tightly woven group of three suburban couples and their families.

Doctor Who's Alex Kingston (River Song) will make an appearance on NCIS plyaing a shady business woman who gets tangled up with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team.

Richard Burji (Desperate Housewives) has joined the cast of Body of Proof, to play a love interest for Jeri Ryan's character Kate Murphy.

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