She's confused.

She's sad.

She's all ears.

He's dressed up for Halloween and is ready to cast a spell, so you'd better watch out. Doesn't he look like if you gave him any grief, you'd be in trouble? He's not really JUST dressed up for Halloween. He's the real deal.

And the next two bears ran away from home. They did! They're my antique looking bears, two of them, and they disappeared.  This is what they looked like before they ran away. *sigh* They must have known I was going to take new pictures of them with the new camera and they didn't cotton to the idea.

[image error] Brown mohair bears made of a sparse antique looking English mohair.
 :) I think the fae did it. (Stole my poor little bears, or hid them from me. I couldn't have misplaced them.)

Have a super great Thursday, and watch out for the fae. They are EVERYWHERE and are known to create great mischief!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"
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