I have a love/hate relationship with certain of my characters. Despite all my careful planning they don't always want to go where I do.

A Brother's Duty is the working title of my now 47,000 words of sidetrack. I will get back to my other projects but John MacLeish and Lucinda Wilkinson have other ideas for how much of my brain is allowed to be used for things like work, cooking and interacting with real humans.

Without giving too much away John has to reevaluate his life when his hopes for working with his older brother in a construction business is dashed when Rob is killed in action. Lucy has to reevaluate her life when her career is stolen from her and she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant by Rob's friend Nick, who is also killed in action.

Before dying, Nick makes Rob promise to find and help Lucy. Rob extracts a promise from John to try to help Lucy if he doesn't make it back and John feels that it is his duty, a brother's duty, to honour his late brother's promise to his late friend.

When John finally tracks her down, she isn't what he expected. Underneath her piercings and tattoos is a vulnerable woman who is dealing with some real hurt. Unfortunately for him, John is what she expects, at least at first. Stern, rigid, judgemental and far too conventional, she dismisses him as being like all the other 'good Christians' she'd ever encountered.

Prodded by the Holy Spirit through a sermon on Corinthians and feeling duty bound to honour his brother's last request, John's heart is softened toward Lucy until he can see past the odd jewellery in her face.

Lucy, also prompted by the Holy Spirit although not recognizing the source, finally accepts that her choice is between bitter loneliness and taking a risk that the friendships she is being offered are genuine.

There will be problems. John needs to deal with Rob's death and his prejudices. Lucy needs to deal with her mother and her baby's father's family. They both need to deal with the public perception that they are mismatched.

I'll stop there. Suffice it to say that there will be a happy ending and the various kinds of love will triumph.
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