[image error]What’s She Wulf About?

 Annie Pearce runs through the streets of the city, chasing a demon, the likes she has never seen before. After finally capturing the creature, she works to find out where it comes from and how to destroy the monster. Cham Chamsky follows a lead and discovers a mystery man in the forest near where the demon was found. This is no ordinary man. He is a Viking—a man from the past—thirteen centuries in the past.

When Annie travels through an ancient time portal she learns it is she who must rid ancient England of the regenerating demons. The monsters have terrorized the Vikings and the coven, destroying everything in their path. When the prophecy was read, there was hope for the first time in centuries. Annie struggles with her new destiny as she adjusts to life in the past, and tries to figure out a way to destroy the un-killable demons. It is a purpose she must fulfill if she is ever to return home.

She Wulf is just 99 cents for your Kindle, and so is the book that started it all, The Day of First Sun. Yup, you can get both for under $2! But this won’t last long, so you know…

Wanna have fun? Win some prizes?

If I went on vacation I would take a…memory game. You remember it. One kids says a balloon, the next says, a balloon and a radio, until the entire class of twenty-five answers. Now, I’ve got an idea for you to play, something similar to the vacation memory game. Would you like to join me? Now here’s the game…

Tell me, if you could fly through a time portal:

1) Where would you go?

 2) Who would you meet?

I’m looking for the most creative, most original answers.

♦ The most unique entry will win a Kindle Fire

♦ Another random entry will win a $100 Amazon gift card

To enter, simply post a comment answering these two questions and sharing any other information you’d like to include about your time travel adventure.

Don’t forget to stop by the main tour page on Novel Publicity to check out the other tour contests, including your chance to win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards or autographed copies of She Wulf or The Day of First Sun via the Rafflecopter!

Good luck :-D
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