I'm fan of Piers Anthony's writing although much of what he writes is not totally congruent with the Christian way of life that I am trying to follow. In many of his books there are afterword sections which give some insight into the author or his writing or his processes. He tends to work on three or more books during the same time period so that he can always be writing something.

It didn't occur to me that I would also be one of those people who, when writer's block hits, would turn to other projects or ideas. It should have. My Meyers-Briggs profile (from several licensed tests plus the on-line mini tests) is INTP. The introvert/extrovert pair is on the mildly introverted side but the facilitators at the last session I took part in had never met someone with such decided tendencies toward intuition (N) or perception (P).

But the P can also stand for procrastination. Strong P types know that things can and do change up to the eleventh hour so we tend to think first and then do everything as quickly as possible. We're good in an emergency but we can give J types fits because they want everything ready well before any deadlines so it can be tweaked. And, although we are very rarely late for things, we do push deadlines to limits that are uncomfortable for others.

That said, there are pieces of Small Battles that I'm not happy with and there's a key scene I'm not ready to write because I don't think the villain is actually evil, just venal, at least until he's pushed into making the critical decision. The way I've outlined it is forcing the character to be someone different. So I put the problem in the back of my brain and went to work on something else.

Those of you who've read The Vicar's Daughter know that the Huxley's are a large family. I began writing the second book (#4 chronologically) about Faith but was inspired by a combination of books and a sermon about the limits of judging each other to jot down a note or two about Lucinda,a pierced and painted 'fallen' woman, and John, a hide bound judgemental small town man who's forgotten the he's also 'fallen'. She senses his judgement and puts up a wall. He quickly recognizes his error in judging a non-Christian as if she was a sister in Christ.

Well, my few notes led to a side track that I've been following for about three weeks and thirty thousand words. Unlike some of my recent efforts I don't have a plot in mind, just some characters, a number of locations and an end result. It is a romance novel, after all, and needs a happy ending.

On a side note, Running Home remains hovering around the 2800 mark in the Barnes and Noble ebook store and I'm fairly certain that I just passed 10,000 copies downloaded from all distributors. Thanks to all of the people who have rated and reviewed the book, good and bad. I think it's worth a read, even if there's a bit too much kissing for one of my reviewers.

Running Home is available free from Smashwords or through many fine ebook retailers.
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