1. It’s been a full week since my daughter’s birthday extravaganza began, and I am STILL tired. Man. Up until this year, we’ve done one big party with family/friends at our house, which always was fun but stressful. So this year, I decided to outsource the party to a local tumbling place for the kid part of things, then do a lunch at my mother-in-law’s for the family. Simpler, right? Well….not so much. Because somehow we ended up with a Friday night dinner out, Saturday kid party, Sunday morn...

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Published on September 07, 2012 06:50 • 350 views
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Michelle Sept 7 was my daughter's bday! :) Friday night,We went out to dinner at her fave restaurant where she got a free meal, free desert and had waiters/waitresses sing happy bday to her, as they brought over a large choc cupcake with Mouse in the center. Today we had a family party and in two weeks she has having a pool party at an indoor pool with her friends. Hope your daughter enjoyed her day and that things went stress free!!! We once had a party at a Diva's and Princesses store where they would wear their fave Disney Princess dress and get makeovers, hair up in buns like CInderella, a little blush, lip gloss and mascara... and free bracelets and toy rings with gems. The place served chips, lemonade or other beverages and snacks as a tea party with real china in a private function room before havaing pizza and cake. Then the girls would "walk the red carpet" after having their makeover and each parent was given a 4"6 pic of their "Princess". Celebrant's parents receive a 8"10 pic of their Princess on their "Special day." :)

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