I ran the long version the other day but since everyone felt it was too long, here is a much shorter version:

Before Katelina found love in the arms of her vampire Jorick, there was another man.

Patrick’s brother Michael disappears and returns as a vampire. Turned against his will, he begs Patrick to kill his tormentors. When Patrick tries, he is claimed as a slave and forced from one unspeakable act to another.

Then he meets Katelina and falls in love. To be with her, he has to win his freedom, but all victories come with a price, and the cost of this one could be his very life.

The dark, emotional prequel to Shades of Gray plunges into a black abyss of anger and despair without the promise of a happy ending.  Patrick is a spoiler-filled look at what came before and just may be the blackest of the Amaranthine tales.

Better? Worse?


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