Hey everyone! I have a "part" of the cover of THE STORM for you! I'll be adding parts every Monday until the whole cover is revealed!  Plus...I'll reveal a character every time too (or maybe two!!)! And a song or two, from the playlist! Are you ready? This goes from: September 3rd - October 1st

Sneak Peek #1:


Name: Millicent Parker

Age: 298 by years, 15 by worldly standards. 
Hobbies: Playing piano, playing with her cat, Cloud. And controlling lightning.
Other: Millicent was in love with a boy named Felix back then. He's been gone for over 282 years...but now he's just shown back up. And he can control thunder. What does this mean for Millicent? 

Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus

Round & Round by Selena Gomez

Lovesick by Emily Osment

Annnnnd.....a giveaway!

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