Celebrate the Farmer! @ NYTimes.com

"But to get these beautiful veggies, we need real farmers who grow real food, and the will to reform a broken food system. And for that, we need not only to celebrate farmers, but also to advocate for them." Ate today? Thank you for thanking a farmer. *This farm family humbly thanks you...*
Celebrating 116th birthday?

... do she think she was old at 70? ;) Blessing upon blessing, Besse!
More Than a Sabbath: My Fast from Consuming

@ The High Calling.... "If you love me, Don Draper says, then buy stuff. Jesus has different advice. “Do you love me?” he asks. Then feed my sheep." A very compelling read about fasting from consumerism by Marcus Goodyear
In which World Magazine Editor, Marvin Olasky, and I sit down to talk...

@ Patrick Henry College ... talk about words and parenting and God in his interview for the Leader's series... it was good to be honest and talk through these things...
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