“It takes two, when it used to take one,” – Ryan Adams

Used to be voters would elect one candidate to one office.  Rarely did you even see the politician’s spouse much less give him or her any responsibility.

I’m not exactly sure when it started, but when electing a president in particular you now get a “twofer”.   Nancy Reagan returned from Mars just long enough to lead the war on drugs with the “Just say no campaign” which set addiction treatment back fifty years.   President Bush (Sr.) held office alone.  Rarely did you see Barbara but when you did she was the epitome of class and tastefulness.  Perhaps it started with Hillary.  Although it would seem in retrospect  she had time to be pissed at Bubba and little else.  Knowing what I know now I wish I had voted for Hillary.  There is no way she would cow-tow to Congress like O (don’t blame me) bama  You didn’t see all that much of  Laura Bush when W was in office.  She appeared just enough to let people know Bush’s deregulation of Wall Street wasn’t his first bad decision.

Despite never appearing on any ticket, never raising a single dollar or receieving a single vote Michelle Obama seems to be serving in an official capacity.  I believe she is in charge of physical fitness.  (No wonder obesity is an epidemic in America when the woman in charge of wellness could stand to lose twenty-five pounds.)  When not using the public till as an unlimited expense account Michelle is repeatedly asked for her opinion on all  matters.  1. Why?, b.) Who cares what she thinks.

So maybe the “team” candidate is an evolving concept.   However that is about to be taken to a new level tonight in Tampa when the featured speaker is Ann Romney.   Mrs. Romney was originally scheduled to speak last nnight, however the networks refused to cover it.   (I guess ABC figured they had the intellectually lacking, never worked a day in their life female angle covered with Bachelor Pad.)

I don’t know what Ann is going to say but whatever it is is an insult to every mother I know.  She claims to be a working mother but she never worked a day in her life.  Housework was for the maids and child rearing for the nannies.  Coupon clipping?  Not when you own two houses and have a new Cadillac stashed at each.  For thirty years she’s gone from the hair salon to the country club. True, she has  spent time with animals: million dollar show horses.)  The most stress she’s had is when everyone realized she and Mitt hadn’t paid a dime in income  taxes for the better part of ten years.

This isn’t a new low in American politics this is a new low in America.  Ask any other world leader whether he or she would want her spouse, who’s never done anything and isn’t qualified to do anything, talking ragtime on national television.  In fact in some countries (the smart ones) you’d be shot for simply suggesting the idea.

Honestly, I can’t think of a person’s opinion who means less not just to me but to the whole country.  And I thought the Bachelorette was bad female television.   Ann could make Emily look like a rocket scientist.


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