Today, TIDES OF WAR is hitting bookshelves and e-readers. This is the book I was about three quarters of the way through writing when I went to visit my father for what turned out to be the last time. It was hard to finish, but I know it’s what Dad would have wanted, and I am so grateful to Simon & Schuster and Blizzard Entertainment for their kind thoughts and patience with me during this rough time.

I’m extremely proud of the final product. “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader,” as the quote goes, so I do hope that my readers (thank you all!) find this to be a moving read. It is one of those interesting coincidences that it deals with profound loss, grief, and learning to deal with it, as well as the excitement and adventure I love to put in my Warcraft novels. I think this one has something we all can relate to.

I’m hoping it will hit the NYT Bestseller list, not for me, but for Dad, as a tribute to him. It is my 7th Warcraft novel, it would be my 7th bestseller, and my father would have turned 92 on September 7. Books are counted during the first week of publication, so from today through next Tuesday, for the list. I’m a little worried that a crucial patch to the game itself, that deals with events in the book, might distract some readers from purchasing this week.

So I ask you, let’s hit the list for my Dad. A lot of heart went into this book. So if you are intrigued, or were planning on buying it, or know a friend who might enjoy it, please download it, visit your local bookstore, or purchase from this link at

Take good care, and thank you all for your kind thoughts.

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