I didn't do much this weekend except write and eat. Saturday was a joint birthday dinner for me and my husband (his was last week, mine is next Saturday) but unfortunately something in the food gave me an allergic reaction. (I get this occasionally, and I have no idea what causes it. I suspect it's something like too much MSG.) It's not a dangerous reaction, I just have a migraine and then get sick at my stomach. This time I realized what it was in time to head it off with two Benedryls. But I did get my presents, which was season 1 of Luther with Idris Elba and the whole set of Pie in the Sky.

Today will be laundry, packing for WorldCon, dyeing my hair, going to grocery store and post office etc. I still need to decide which part of The Siren Depths I'm going to do for my reading.

At the moment, the Kindle US edition of The Cloud Roads is still on discount sale for $3.99: Amazon US I don't know how long it will be at that price.

If you missed my good news late on Friday, I'm writing a Star Wars novel! I talk about it here and it's mentioned on the official Star Wars blog here.

The Book Fair for a middle school/high school with no library is here. If you have new or gently used MG or YA to send, they can use it.
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