MY SON, JOHN, by Kathi Macias.
Sheaf House Publishers, April 2009
ISBN-13 978-0-9797485-4-7
Trade paperback with study guide and resources list

I have read other books by this author, so I knew I was in for a good read. But, oh, my goodness, I was totally unprepared for the emotional flood I experienced reading this one. I read it in just two sittings. I couldn't help myself from turning the pages while at the same time I wasn't sure I wanted to read what happened next. But I had to know. As evidence mounted, my heart pounded and the fear grew as this story unfolded in front of me in unbelievable horror.

The author, Kathi Macias, has done a remarkable job of pulling the reader deep into the heart and soul of a heart-broken mother and the journey she must take into understanding the mind of her tormented son and what changed him so drastically from the lovable little boy he once was. What Liz Peterson goes through is something no mother should ever have to endure. As her world disintegrates she loses her focus on the other members of her family, both husband and daughter, and what this has done to them.

My Son, John is like no other book I've read. It is also one of the strongest examples of unconditional love, forgiveness, grace and mercy I've come across in some time.
While this is a work of fiction, all the while I was reading I could believe this to be something quite real that could happen right here in Las Vegas, to our friend or neighbor, or even our own family, given the pressures our young people face every single day.

I urge you to look for this book at any Las Vegas bookstore, or visit your local branch in the Clark County library system. If you can't find the book, ask for it. I'm told that if a book is requested enough the librarian will bring it in. Or, of course, you can order it directly from the publisher, Sheaf House Publishing, or from other online sources such as Barnes & Noble,, .and Amazon. (Note: Amazon shows a release date of May 1 but it is available for pre-order.)

View the chilling video trailer on YouTube
Learn more about Kathi at her Website. You can also find contact information there.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time with me.

Author: Peg Phifer

Peg Phifer is an Examiner from Las Vegas. You can see Peg's articles on Peg's Home Page.
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