August is a busy time for the Scholastic Book Fair teams who set up carts and carts of books in schools all over the country.  Titles for the fall fairs have been selected, and it’s time for the field representatives to learn everything they can about the books so that they can help teachers & librarians find “just right” books for their students.  I’m writing in the Charlotte, NC airport right now after spending the past couple days at Scholastic’s Eastern Zone Season Kick-Off meeting, and I’m still swimming in happy book-talk feelings.

I got a sneak peek at the fall Book Fair titles and spotted three of my own books as well as many that I’ve loved as a reader.

And I had the opportunity to speak to the Scholastic Book Fairs team, too.  There’s nothing quite like arriving for an early-morning breakfast to find this…

..along with books on every chair.

I got to meet so many members of the Book Fairs team, along with a special guest…

This is Book-Man (aka Mike Weaver, a principal from New Jersey who’s part of Scholastic’s principals’ advisory board.)  He’s an incredible advocate for literacy at his school and left me wishing that every school could have a Book-Man in the main office. (Plus, I’ve never had my picture taken with a super-hero before, and that was pretty cool.)

Here’s Robin Hoffman of Scholastic Book Fairs book-talking EYE OF THE STORM before my talk. She did such a great job, she made ME want to read it again. And I already know how it ends.

I was so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the book fair crew, both here and in St. Louis last week. Growing up in a small town with no bookstore, I was always bursting with anticipation on the day our Scholastic Book Club orders arrived at school.  Overnight, it seemed, our classroom was transformed into a bookstore, and it always felt like magic.  These days, my books are included in the clubs and fairs, but inside, I’m still very much that ten-year-old kid, and it still feels like magic. Traveling to St. Louis last week and then Charlotte, and meeting the wizards who make it all happen was pretty magical, too.  Thanks, Scholastic Book Fairs family, for the warm welcome and for all that you do for readers!

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bookgoddess88 How exciting for you! So proud of you. It is only fitting that the first super hero you meet is Bookman!

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