My husband, God love him, does most of our cooking. It wasn’t always this way. It happened slowly over several years. He quit his full-time job to be a stay-at-home dad while our daughter was in junior high school. And because it suited us, we adapted our lifestyle to being a one-income family once she graduated and entered the Coast Guard.

Over the years, he’s learned that cheese is one of my favorite things (with the exception of blue cheese and Brie or Camembert). Anything and everything is better with cheese. He’ll put it on veggies so that I’ll eat them. Every morning has to start with cheese and toast or cheese and something.

What better treat to make for lunch than grilled cheese sandwiches? Except, I have standards. And he was always in a rush. He’d slap some cheese between two slices of bread, fry it up real quick and give it to me. It took forever for me to explain that rushing a grilled cheese never worked. You have to let the sandwich slowly warm up so that the ingredients are hot and melty inside and crispy but not burned on the outside. It took several attempts, but he finally learned that grilled cheese sandwiches take time to cook.

What’s that got to do with sex? Well, I’m in the same situation with SHATTERED VALOR. I had high hopes I’d be able to knock out Ty’s story fairly quickly after releasing Rocco’s story, THE EDGE OF COURAGE. But the darn thing wouldn’t cooperate. I even took a week off work so that I could buckle down and get it done. I ended up spending most of that week ironing out the plot. The long and short of it is, SHATTERED VALOR won’t be ready at the end of this month, as I’d hoped. It’s looking more like the end of September. I need to give it the time that it needs so I’m sure you will enjoy as much as you did THE EDGE OF COURAGE.

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Gail Oh no...bummer!! But your right about the grilled cheese so your probably right about the!!! Just bate waiting!!!

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