Brussels sprout transplantNow that we have a porch,
starting fall seedlings "inside" is much less fiddly than
previously.  I set the flats
of broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts
on the edge of the porch
where they'd get plenty of light, so I didn't have to worry about
legginess and hardening off to the scorching summer sun.  And
since the flats were right next door to the hose and the floor is water
resistant, I could just sprinkle them lightly whenever I thought about

Having transplants makes
it even easier to fill gaps
in the summer garden with fall crops
.  After using up the
spots that had been home to problematic
broccoli and cabbage, I had enough seedlings leftover to devote half a
dozen more beds to fall crucifers.  I'm hoping for bountiful late
fall harvests to tide us over on fresh produce further into the cold

Our chicken waterer keeps the flock healthy with
copious, clean water.
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