Here begins a new adventure for me--BLOGGING! In the days ahead, I will attempt to share my incredible wisdom with those who so faithfully (and so few) are "following" me. My low-tech intellect will be evident to anyone under 30, and I apologize ahead of time for the puzzled expressions which may indeed get stuck on your faces as you try diligently to decipher my intended meaning. Perhaps I should just try to be mysterious....

It is my hope that everyone who visits this blog has read the first installment of my novel XIANNE: A COMEDY OF CULTURES. Please understand that if you have not done so, it is absolutely necessary to my financial well-being that you immediately purchase a copy--make that TWO copies--OK, THREE copies. Roughly $10 on Amazon...that's only about 27 cents a day...(you know the spiel).

Please feel free to comment--tell me what a load of crap XIANNE is, or not (NOT is better).

I hope I can make it worth your while to read whatever drivel I put on here; it won't be every day--I'm working on Volume Two, you know--but I'll endeavor to be regular. There's medicine for that.


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Published on July 30, 2012 17:09 • 133 views
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Editing Services by Cynthia Shepp Jayce,
I can't wait to hear all your wisdom and I have been talking Xianne up! I loved it and I am on pins and needles waiting on Volume 2 :)

message 2: by Jayce (new)

Jayce Grayson Thank you, my dear. The Kool-aid is THIS way....

Editing Services by Cynthia Shepp Maybe if I drink it I will wake up on that would be so worth it :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 30, 2012 09:26PM) (new)

Then give me some too! I want on that ship with you! LOL!

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