I've been staying with my sister for the past few days and on arrival, found this message in the driveway:

Even though I know my niece was not writing this for me, I can't help but think each time I see it, that the universe is trying to tell me something. There's something about that capital L. It's as if it's telling me to both Fear Less and be fearless.

All summer I've been working on a new novel and all summer I have been a bit fearFUL of where this novel wants to take me. And then here was this message, FearLess. Almost reminding me that this is what I must be if I want to get it right. And not only that, but it's OK. So stop worrying and just do it.

For today's Monday Morning Warm-Up, I wanted to share this message with you, too. Because I think a lot of times when we're writing, we let fear slip in without even knowing it. And we don't write what our hearts truly need to.

Today, think about what your fears are in regard to whatever you're working on. Write them on a piece of paper, or on a file somewhere. Half the battle in overcoming your fears is to name them.

Then, put them away and open a new file or take out a new piece of paper. Write the word FEARLESS on it. OR, print a copy of this photo (my niece won't mind). Put your word next to your laptop or somewhere you'll see it when you're writing today, and...

Fear less. And be FearLess.

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Published on July 30, 2012 05:22 • 69 views

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