Picture It’s the tenth anniversary of Project Runway . I have never missed an episode. I love fabric, love to sew, and think I'm a designer. What I couldn’t figure out is why I loved Heidi Klum. Sure, she's beautiful, but there was something else that made me take notice of her.

 Now, ten years after she appeared on my radar, I have the answer: she is the kind of successful person I admire.
It's not about the way she looks. My admiration is all about the other stuff, so I'm taking a lesson from the fabulous HK’s foolproof principles for success.* 

If You’ve Got it Flaunt It:  Success isn't just about gorgeous gams and a fabulous face but about letting your character qualities shine. Think intelligence, humor, kindness, and anything else that you own in spades.

One Foot in Front of the Other (especially in heels): No matter how hard it is to walk the walk, practice and you'll make it look easy.

Say What you Mean: Heidi can tell you what’s on her mind in two languages and never needs an interpreter.

Mean What You Say: Don’t backtrack, backslide, hesitate, or change your mind once it’s intelligently made up.

Put Yourself Out There: Project Runway, out-of-the-box Halloween costumes, video makeovers – she’ll tackle anything with verve and ingenuity. I should, too.

Carry through/carry on/chin up: Grace of face and figure is nice, but grace under fire is better.

Embrace who you are: Gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, are not the adjectives that describe who you are. Find some that do.

Laugh:  Self-explanatory.

Figure It Out Creatively:  Take the road less traveled, grease the cogs with your own elbow, let dreams become visions, make  your luck, recognize opportunity, and acted upon it all. 

Accept Help and Give it Back: Find the people you admire and ask for their help. When you’re on top, give it back.

*Assessment of the Heidi Principles is based purely on my observations.

 P.S. Should Heidi read this, I’m open to a judging gig on Project Runway . The designers can dress Josie Bates, the heroine of  the best selling Witness Series.

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Published on July 29, 2012 14:05 • 173 views
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message 1: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Levine Hi Rebecca, these are good things to do no matter whether you are a man or a woman.


message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Forster I couldn't agree more, Arthur. What I love is that this woman didn't just rest on her laurels of her amazing looks. I am impressed by her intelligence, sense of fun and kindness. What a package and its one we can all have.

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