Okey-dokey! Time for stage two of my shamelessly self-abosrbed rant :D !
Stage 2. The infrastructure. This is probably the most make-or-break period of any idea - the part where one sees if it has wings. It's the part where one tries to find a plot which works with the basic thematic concept and, more importantly, do interesting characters spring to mind. I find this stage rather like a forming solar system. If the idea is coming together I feel a great but vague cloud of stuff growing, characters, plot points, specific scenes, little bits of character interaction, and these start to spin and whirl and weave and colide with each other. Out of this, hopefully the rough-hewn idea for the story starts to grow, themes can be established around the characters one has created and it all becomes very exciting. But in this stage, there is a problem. It all stays fairly fluid and vague. For me, there is a limit to the amount of fuzzy thinking that I can do before, usually as soon as the character set and plot beginning and end are set, I have to get down to some more serious planning - the subject of next week's discussion!
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