Are you ready for the Olympics? I'm totally stoked, especially to watch my favorite sport of swimming.

To celebrate Olympic swimming and my Young Adult swimming novel Streamline going on sale in August, I'm hosting the SWIM READING CHALLENGE!

cc: An Honorable German
The challenge is to read all kinds of books about swimming--novels, short stories, memoirs, biographies, etc. between August and December of 2012.

To participate, post the above button to your blog and leave a comment on this post with your blog url. When you review a swimming novel on your blog, please return and leave a comment with your blog post url and I'll tweet the heck out of it. (Swimming lovers gotta stick together).

To get us started on some recommendations, I created a list on Goodreads HERE . My favorite swimming novels include:
1. Young Woman and the Sea by Glenn Stout HERE ...The riveting tale of the first woman to swim across the English Channel2. Age Is Just a Number by Dara Torres HERE ...She won two silver medals at age 41!3. Swimming to Antartica: Tales of a Long Distance Swimmer by Lynne Cox HERE . Learn about a nutty woman who loves swimming in freezing water!What are your favorites? Haven't tried a swimming story before? You can check out my young adult short story Swim Recruit for FREE .Good luck with the challenge, oh chlorinated ones!
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Published on July 25, 2012 20:43 • 103 views
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message 1: by Meri (new)

Meri L Nice Challenge :)

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Lane Thanks, Meri! It's the first challenge I'm hosting.

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