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Book II in The GateKeepers Series
Meadow’s Keep

Jasmine Monroe once felt like damaged goods. But, not anymore. Her latent abilities, although appearing too late to save her from a brutal attack, will keep her safe from anyone ever hurting her again. She’s made sure of that. Secure in that fact, she’s moved on. Until she meets her first love’s doppelganger.

 Eryk Vreeland, a misfit and embarrassment to his upper-class/upper-crust family, is a magician. His shows are renowned, his contributions to charity astronomical, his illusions precise. Except, not everything is an illusion. Sometimes, there is real magic.

Jasmine stumbles upon a secret that will change Eryk’s life forever, and in doing so, she must face her own destiny, as well. When Jasmine and Eryk are forced together to rescue and protect a young woman, each must overcome the barrier that protects, yet hinders any personal attachments. The safeguards must come down to combine their abilities and, when that happens, their attraction strengthens—beyond their control—until they can barely tell where one person stops and the other begins.

 Can their hearts take the toll? Will they surrender to one another or risk a disaster to stay apart?

Meadow’s Keep :: Coming Soon!!!!
Enjoy an excerpt of The Shoppe of Spells below or for more, click The Shoppe of Spells Prologue. For Pennyroyal Christmas, click Excerpts.
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The Shoppe of Spells Excerpt

 Somewhere in the distance, a dog barked. Again. And again. Morgan pushed back the covers and padded into the front room. Meesha? She moved toward the front window.

       Moonlight streamed across the garden. Something scurried through the plants, rustling leaves. A cat? She couldn’t quite make it out. Meesha barked again—from inside the darkened shop. The hair on the back of her arms stood on end. It moved again, whatever it was. She leaned into the window and squinted into the darkness, trying to make out the outline of the small animal silhouetted by moonlight. It looked hairless. Her breath caught.

        It stopped, rose up on hind legs and faced her. Violet slits glared at her.

      She faced the dog. Meesha sat three feet from the rug, ears forward, staring in rapt attention at the rug beneath Morgan’s feet, as she had the day before. Morgan hopped off the rug.

        “What’s that?” she pointed at the dog.


        “No. Yes. But, what’s she staring at?”

       Dorian stepped off the rug, lifted it to reveal the wood floor. Meesha looked up at him and moved over to the sofa where she hopped up and settled down, resting her head on her paws.

         He walked over to the door.

        “You must’ve had a bad dream. I’ll go and let you get some sleep. Meesha,” he called. Meesha looked up at him but didn’t move.

         “No!” Morgan’s voice came out in a yelp. “I‟m not staying here alone.”

          He smiled at her.

       “You can have the couch.” She walked into the bedroom, retrieved the blanket from the bench, and grabbed a pillow. “Here,” she shoved them at him, marched into the bedroom, and closed the French doors firmly behind her.

         “Oh…yeah…thanks for staying,” she called from behind the safety of the closed doors.

         “Meesha down.” She heard his command. A few grumbles followed and then silence.

        Maybe he was right. It was so similar to her nightmares. They seem to be returning. She was so tired, she couldn’t think straight. She pulled the covers up and was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

         Outside, a pair of violet eyes stared at the cottage.

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