Well, I'm nearing the end of proofing for my next novel and I found this nice little segment I wanted to share.

This is from Part One.

You can’t just leave like that, you know you can’t.

The thought hit him like a hard slap across the face, and for a moment he stumbled, catching his footing just in time to avoid tumbling towards the puddles hidden in the dark at his feet. Just a thought, just a stupid, irrational thought, but it had snagged him like the barb of a fisherman’s hook. His very presence back in Tamerton had opened up a whole can of long forgotten emotions that would take time to sort, time he didn’t have.

Time he didn’t want to give.

He should have stayed away. They didn’t need him, hadn’t for fourteen years. His sister wouldn’t know he had come; she was dead, after all.

And what sort of reception could he expect from his father? Ian Cassidy had made the call to him – only Heaven knew how he had found Matt’s number – but how much of that had been as a duty? How much did he really want to see his son?

Welcome home son. Welcome home, little me.

The Man Who Built The World is a stand alone paranormal fantasy/horror of 228 pages. It's badass. Read it.

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