It's my pleasure to announce that the 2nd in my Velvet Shoe Collection, An Unlikely Beginning, is now for sale. It will be available on Amazon soon. Right now it's on Kindle and Nook and on my publisher's website.

The link to the publishers website is:

The link to Kindle is

or you can go to my website and click on my Event tab and see where I will be next to pick up a copy!

I'd live to share an endorsement with you from the the book:

'Once again, Patty Wiseman delivers vivid imagery and heart-searing emotion...This sequel's tantalizing suspense will pull you deeper into the story until each answer is unveiled, a nugget at a time, in a way that never fails to surprise. Patty's knowledge of people's characters and reactions to life's traumas give the books a deep and believable appeal. An Unlikely Arrangment and An Unlikely Beginning, once started, are hard to put down.'

Eva Blaskovic,
Author of Beyond the Precipice and The Waiting Room.

If you like the Roaring Twenties, and you like your romance mixed with intrique, mystery, mischief, mayhem, and murder, you will like this historical novel set in the 1920's You will keep turning the pages.

An Unlikely Beginning An Unlikely Beginning (Velvet Shoe Collection #2) by Patty Wiseman

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