Every time I fly, I get that song stuck in my head and think about the Armageddon movie scene where the boys all sing it terribly. LOVE that movie, LOVE that scene. *happy sigh* And now hopefully this song will be in your head too! Mwahahaha (evil laugh!)

Hopefully my view will look like this in a couple of days.

I’m going on vacation! And I’m taking an arsenal of books with me on my kindle. Here’s my summer reading list, loaded and ready for sand, palm trees and strawberry margaritas… and some grain fields and big skies too:

Pretties and Specials ~ Books 2 and 3 of The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld

The Marriage Bargain ~ by Jennifer Probst

North of Need ~ Laura Kaye

Infamous ~ by Irene Preston

Exclusively Yours~ by Shannon Stacey

And then my view will be something like this. Nothing like going home to the Canadian prairies. There's something so beautiful about that sky!

50 Shades Trilogy ~ by E L James

What a Texas Girl Wants~ by Kristina Knight

Serendipity ~ by Carly Phillips

Kissed in Paris ~ by Juliette Sobanet

Do you think I have too many? *blushes* Is it scary or sad that I only just listed a fraction of the books on my TBR pile already bought and waiting on my kindle. Eek! No one tell my husband! Did I mention I’m only on vacation for 3 weeks and I’ll be spending all my time with family and friends and strawberry margaritas… I may have over bought…

So what’s on your summer reading list?


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