Okay, I probably had to scream to get everyone’s attention. I’ve been very sparse on the interweb these days but I’m back to the blog with some updates (this is also proof that I’m not dead).

Windswept is on the way! I’m tentative to announce any specific dates because I rely on other people to help me proof it. The actual writing should be done in August and since that is the biggest issue, we’re looking at late September or October for publication. This book took forever compared to the other ones! The long wait isn’t a trend. Windswept was just the hardest as it was combined with my hardest year of grad school and because I need the series to go out with a bang. I’m getting all the ends wrapped up and such.

So yes, those listening to my rant, Windswept looks to be the final book of The Airborne Saga. At least in any foreseeable future!

One of the things I hate of any author is when the series is dragged out beyond its potential. I feel like Avery is really getting there. So I think it’s best to end this sooner than later. For the record though, Windswept is turning out to be the most massive book so the Mason fix will still be satisfied!

Anyways, I’ve actually began plotting a few new books to come after The Airborne Saga. None of the following books are harpie based. Two of which I mentioned in that ancient post that I’ve been meaning to update. The next book I’m planning to publish isn’t on that list.

I’m eager to release those details but in the meantime, I finally rewrote the Windswept synopsis to be closer to the actual plotline.

Here’s a glimpse that’s eventually going to be everywhere:

Two years ago, Avery never could have pictured willingly living with the supernatural civilization that had attempted to kill her. Not to mention joining that society when its monarch is an absolute upheaval. Naturally finding herself in the middle of it all, Avery is still fighting to stay in one piece. That is with or without the Willow magic.

Anyways, that's all for now!
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Vanessa Osborne Do you have any updates on the release date of Windswept???

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