Feeding Kate is an anthology of stories created to help Sabrina—of My Friends Call Me Kate—get the jaw surgery she so desperately needs.


From indiegogo:

A Bit About The Book:

It started on Twitter, when the many of us who have been recipients of Sabrina’s support over time found out she needed jaw surgery that her insurance company wasn’t willing to pay for. Because a great number of her friends are authors who are–pretty much by definition–short on cash but long on imagination, when we got to trying to figure out what we could do to help all we could come up with was to write something.

The anthology will include stories by:

Ellie Anderson
Laura Benedict
Stephen Blackmoore
Joelle Charbonneau
Laura K. Curtis
Hilary Davidson
Neliza Drew
Chad Eagleton
Jenny Gardiner
Daryl Wood Gerber
Kent Gowran
Chris F. Holm
Dan O’Shea
Ron Earl Phillips
Thomas Pluck
Chad Rohrbacher
Linda Rodriguez
Johnny Shaw
Josh Stallings
Clare Toohey
Steve Weddle
Chuck Wendig
Holly West

What We Need & What You Get

Sabrina needs surgery–that’s where your money goes. None of the authors in this anthology are getting paid for their stories. All proceeds are going directly to the cost of the surgery. We don’t expect to raise more than we need, but if we do, the extra will go to The Lupus Foundation of America (www.lupus.org).

If you buy one of the print copies, part of the money will go to printing the book. The shipping is currently being donated.

If you buy one of the signed copies, you will have our MOST PROFOUND THANKS and part of your money will go toward shipping the books around so the authors can sign them.

If we do not raise enough money this way, we may put the anthology up for sale as an ebook, but it will be considerably more expensive at that point, so getting it now will be both quicker and cheaper!

Other Ways You Can Help:

Just because you can’t contribute financially, that doesn’t mean you can’t help!

Please let others know about us! Twitter, facebook, blogs, we want to get the word out!
Invite any of the authors to blog on your site about the project. We’re all blabbermouths!

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