So, I published my first novel this week. This may be hard for some people to believe, but I have not yet earned enough money to quit my day job. I started writing the book back in September of 2011 and the process nearly killed me. I drive a truck for a living and I'm not one of those truck drivers who sits behind the wheel all day. My job is very physical and the hours are long. I've spent nearly every available moment in the last nine months or so at my desk. I haven't been to the gym (I look terrible), I haven't played disc-golf (I wasn't going pro anyway), I've smoked way too many cigarettes and drank way too much coffee, and I've turned down many a date with beautiful, wealthy women who wanted to use me as their personal play-thing (sure I have).  Of course, once I was done writing and editing, the pride and optimism I was feeling were squashed by the realization that converting Word to HTML was like trying to unpop popcorn. More desk time and more coffee and cigarettes. Anyway, it's done and I am proud of myself for the accomplishment. Throughout the process I have been on many writer's forums and blogs. It seems like I saw advice along the lines of "join a critique group" and "take some college courses" constantly. I'm sure it's great advice, but for a lot of folks it's just not realistic. I don't have time or money to take college courses (my dogs gotta eat). I don't have time to write blogs (another surprise- want to sell books? Write a blog) What I'd like to be doing right now is working on my next book, but I don't think that I can motivate myself to do so under the current circumstances. I'd love some feedback on this. Especially from folks who work a physically demanding job.
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Published on June 09, 2012 11:29 • 148 views
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Ian McClellan Thanks Deb. Definitely some great stuff there.

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