I stopped writing the sequel to The Fall a few weeks ago because I hit a dead end. I was starting to feel the plot was a little episodic, but I suppose that's what a lot of quest novels end up being. If you're on a long journey you're bound to run into one thing after another. It's not that Ben and Skye are meeting things that are boring, it's just that...Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just needed time off.
The time off has been well spent, though. It gave me time to organise getting The Fall printed as a paperback edition. I'm still waiting for the proofs to arrive so I can go through them. I'm very excited by this. I love ebooks but there's an undeniable thrill in having your work on paper.
The Girl from Tomorrow is something in the planning stages. I wrote about fifty pages of it, just to see if it was going anywhere. Turned out it was excellent but I'm saving that for after I've written the sequel to The Fall, which I hope to finish soon (I'm back on it, now, finally) The Girl from Tomorrow is my own devious twist on vampires and dystopian societies. I've always wanted to write about vampires but have been a little hesitant because of all the vampire fiction out there. I just decided to hell with it. I'm going to write it and it's going to awesome. It might just break your heart, too...
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Published on July 07, 2012 07:09 • 74 views

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