Now available, the novella The Hand That Holds Mine. A novella released in eBook form only.

Adeline Beal, is a successful author who aspires to make all of her dreams come true. But when cancer takes hold of her and gives her little time left, she becomes determined to leave behind her best novel yet. But when she faces writers block and a money hungry husband, her past characters come alive to help her battle through her toughest moments and give her inspiration for a whole new world and a new love.

The Hand That Holds Mine - it is free at Smashwords (they have all download options for all devices) and should be available at other retailers within the next couple of weeks .
It is at Amazon / Kindle for 99cents (they don't like free, so I made it as cheap as I can) Smashwords does have a mobi format which works with Kindle if you don't mind downloading from there, otherwise here is the Kindle link.
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Published on July 05, 2012 19:45 • 184 views • Tags: fantasy, new-release, novella, paranormal, romance, short-story

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