On August 28th it’s going to be released at Kindleand B&N. It’s available for pre-sale at kindle and I’ll add the B&N link when it’s added. It will be released the following morning at Ellorascave on August 29th. The excerpt is HERE. I get asked when it will release at other vendors and honestly...I never know. Some load really fast while some sites can take weeks. I have no control over that. Just check your favorite one often.
I was going to post some pics of the house but I need to have Mr. Laurann take some. I’ll get to that soon. This past week we got desks so there’s a computer/office/homework area in the loft. We also ordered some gym equipment so we can have a home gym. I’m kind of a homebody and I really need to get into shape. I figure if it’s right across from my office then I’ll actually work out. I’m only going to watch House Hunters while I’m in the gym so that should motivate me to go in there often. I love that show. LOL!

I’ve also been ordering more stuff for Romanticon. I’m really looking forward to that convention this October. The months are flying by for me. I can’t believe it’s July already. WOW! Where did the time go??? I am writing, of course. Still running a little behind schedule but I’m hoping to catch up soon.
Back to the question and answer section. I get a lot of the same ones so if you’ve seen these before, sorry! I’m just going to give the info related to what people seem to want to know most. It saves time.
Zorn Warriors  - This summer I’m working on three more books. Vhon is the youngest brother. Coto is Berrr’s adopted son. Vinlotti is the hot friend. Those are the three books will write. I don’t have titles yet or a time when they will be done/released. That will end the series. Mating Heat - Cousin Brand, the rest of the brothers, and Alpha Elroy!

Riding the Raines - The rest of the brothers, including Trip and Adam will get books.
Cyborg Seduction - More books are coming. Sky, Deviant, Mavo, Blackie, and Gene are on my list. More will be added to it. This series is open ended and I don’t see closing it any time soon.

New Species. Vengeance is getting a book. Brass. Breeze. 927 doesn’t have a name yet but he gets a book too. I have a ton of partials for a lot more characters, plus two complete books that are finished but need updated. I also have some that are mostly finished but need some major overhauls. You’ll be seeing me writing them for some time. Shadow’s story is up next after Obsidian. You’ll also see your first female NS featured. Beauty. She was the one rescued by Jessie in Justice’s book. She’s a gift female.

A lot of aspiring authors write to ask for advice. Just write! I handle writer’s block by avoiding it. I work on more than one book at a time so if I get stuck on one, I work on another. It means I’m always writing. Let your friends read your books. Ask for honest feedback. I want brutal honesty from my critique partner. Listen and be open to change and revisions. Rejection letters are rough but you’ll survive if you receive one. I have a folder of them. You have to try to have a chance of being published.

Writing isn’t an easy job. Between the writing, editing, and trying to tell a good story...you put your heart and soul into a book and then everyone gets to read it. Think of going to work and having anyone willing to buy into it...able to see exactly what you do on a daily basis and comment on it. Nice or ugly. You have to have a thick skin. You have to love what you do and believe in the books you write. Otherwise there’s a box of tissues with your name all over it and you might get the urge to curl into a ball sometimes because you WILL have bad days. Not everyone is going to love what you write but when they do...AWESOME!!! Seeing your book cover and your name on it is amazing!!! Holding it in your hands is...just wow! It’s worth it to me. I love what I do, good, bad, all of it. I wrote for all those years before I was published because I just love it that much. The fact that I get to publish them now...dream come true!!!

How has my life changed? Do you have all day? LOL. Seriously. I feel blessed. I say that and I mean it. I’m doing what I love and what makes me happy. I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought I could and I did it doing what makes me happy. I can’t thank everyone who reads my books enough. I get to meet and talk to a lot of fantastic people and I’m living my dream. Totally awesome!!!
Have a fantastic week. I won’t forget to post pictures soon and will post the B&N link for Obsidian as soon as it’s loaded there.  
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Tammie Aldridge Ok I've read little bits on your books, and can't wait to read them BUT can't find them in the stores where are they?????

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