Living in the tropics one forgets how cold it can get.  Though in reality, 14 degrees celsius isn't that cold.  In Haerbin on the Siberia/China border we experienced temperatures of -37 degrees celsius.  It was so cold it was hard to breathe, as if someone had punched you in the chest.  I'm finding Cape Town pretty cold at the moment.  Warm slippers, thick jerseys and hot milo isn't quite doing it for me.  My bones still feel cold.  Even my extra natural padding isn't helping.  Not too sure what one can do to warm up.  Some extra book sales would warm me up for sure!

Seeing family and friends after six months away definitely warms the heart.  You only realise just how much you miss them when you see them again.

But no matter how cold Cape Town is at the moment, it is still good to be home.  Seeing Table Mountain, the cold Atlantic, all helps to warm the heart.  I just wish I could push aside the distractions and temptations and find the time to work on my new novel and do some marketing of the older ones.

It always goes back to TIME.  Finding the time, managing time, prioritising.  I want to do it all, experience it all, feel it all.  That impacts on one's time. 

Now if my brain can just defrost a little, then maybe my creative juices can start to flow again
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Published on July 01, 2012 09:09 • 27 views

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