I got tagged! Today’s post is the Lucky 7 post; I was tagged by Liz Long, author of Gifted. I thought the meme idea was pretty clever so figured why not?

Here’s how it works:

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
Go to line 7
Copy down the next seven lines/sentences exactly as they are
Tag 7 other authors

I'm not far enough into either of my new projects to have a page 7 so will share from the One which released ten days ago.

“However, you neglected to mention how spectacular she is, so if my thoughts get away from me…” He shrugged. “Just make sure you’re staying out of them.”

I snorted, “Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem for him.” Chase flung back his head and laughed, revealing two deep indentations in each cheek. My heart fluttered, and I stifled a groan. I was doomed. I was a complete sucker for a guy with dimples.

And that's it! Whether or not the authors I tag participate in the Lucky 7, they're all pretty rockin!

Chelsea Cameron

M Leighton

Nichole Chase

Chelsea Fine

Jodi Meadows

Addison Moore

Colleen Hoover

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