this is interesting...

Address at the Lord Mayor’s Annual Defence and Security Lecture by the Director General of the Security Service, Jonathan Evans.

Mansion House, City of London, 25 June 2012

It's a 31 paragraph transcript titled The Olympics and Beyond.

First off, why are they 'now' calling it Al Qaida, with an I rather than an E?
Secondly, I hope he got the start of this paragraph wrong...

4. The close co-operation between my Service and the City of London Police dates from the 1990s and has stood us in good stead with the development of the Al Qaida threat in the last dozen years...

...maybe I'm just READING IT WRONG, but that can potentially be read as 'Al Qaeda(sic) was a product of MI5 and City since 1990s'? Can't it? The way it's worded? Grammatically speaking?

On SKY NEWS this morning, they're blasting Joe and Jane Public with terrorising propaganda that 'English proto-terrorists are taking part in Arab Spring rebellions to come home and do the same here'.

Who funded the Mujahedin? Who's funding the Arab Rebels?[image error]
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